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Combining our LaTeX, software development, management and math skills we provide solutions for science publishers.

Areas where we can provide innovative, technology-driven services:

  • Typesetting
  • Copy editing
  • English language editing
  • Services for Authors
  • Electronic Publishing
  • Electronic Journal Management
  • Full service
  • Indexing
  • Full-text XML
  • Project Management

VTeX is processing over 220 titles of science journals and over 240 volumes of books (the major part of which are in mathematics, computer science, and physics). Scope of work in 2011 exceeded 400,000 pages. Over 70,000 pages (in mathematics, physics and chemistry) were produced in full-text XML.

  • Specialization in mathematics and physics (80% workload)
  • Production line is based on LaTeX independently from the input format
  • Over 75% of manuscript source files for editing and typesetting arrive in LaTeX
  • Online, print, web PDFs and XML are generated out of one enriched source – LaTeX