From the invention of the printing press by Johannes Gutenberg to the present day, technologies play an important role in the publishing process. Understanding that, VTeX has invested a lot in IT and publication-related technology research, we are always watching and getting ready for the changes and new trends in publishing and overall information technologies: from reflowable/tagged PDF, MathJax to handheld tablet devices.

We focus towards LaTeX-based publishing, which is de facto standard for the majority of content in mathematics, engineering, and physics. Some might argue that LaTeX is not good for the future publishing, but we can show that with the right tools and technology it's the best you can find.

Our IT department works hard by developing sophisticated applications that allow us to meet the ever changing content requirements and specific needs of publishers and authors. We are not only watching and reacting, we also induce changes ourselves. Our internally developed software is used for:

  • Production automation and control, automated information exchange with publisher's system;
  • LaTeX programming, LaTeX-to-XML (SGML) or backwards conversion;
  • Managing the electronic journal publication cycle;
  • Electronic proof delivery and collection of changes;
  • Incoming data conversion, graphics conversion and refinement, indexing;
  • Automated scripts which help to keep our production line efficient and consistent.