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The original definition of 'typesetting' has expanded into the field of information technology comprising more than just 'setting type'.

From capturing the data from authors' files to structuring and preparing electronic content for publishing, today we also develop sophisticated services for authors and publishers, such as making data easily accessible and traceable.

M2M – Mathematicians to Mathematicians

Our concept of the work is the State-of-The-Art LaTeX-based typesetting of math heavy content. We are mathematicians, we love math, and we enjoy participating in the step between your ideas and what people eventually read.

We changed the meaning of traditional typesetting in a way of M2M view: mathematicians help mathematicians. Our employees competent in math handle your manuscript with care, responsibility and understanding in the most efficient way.

All our editors have university degrees in mathematics, physics, or chemistry, among them thirteen with doctoral. This allows our company to provide high-quality editing services.

What We Do

We typeset scientific journals and books. The usual turnaround time for proofs – is two to six working days for journal articles, depending on the copyediting or language editing requirements.

We also arrange communication with authors and editors, collect and implement their corrections to the proofs.

As typesetting output we deliver XML/MathML, SGML, PDF, rich PDF, HTML, etc. according to the client needs.

A number of DTDs are currently supported by the standard production workflow at VTeX and virtually any other DTD can be implemented on request.