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We ensure the highest quality


Our quality is recognized globally, since people working at VTeX are LaTeX experts, who understand both code and content.


SkyLaTeX is a web-based technology for online proofing, which allows authors to be involved in the production of academic books and journals.


Peer-review, production and hosting systems are integrated into PubliMill ecosystem. PubliMill is user-fiendly and easy-to-use.


EJMS is offered to Editorial Boards to increase the efficiency of the process. Rich options of reporting and history benefits productivity.


VTeX offers digitization of your content by scanning printed material of any subject and converting it to PDF, XML, or any other format.


If you need user-friendly LaTeX template for journal or book, we are ready to prepare professional LaTeX template together with style packages.


VTeX offers a service to help authors prepare a high-quality bibliography that fully complies with the requirements of the publisher.


We excerpt and annotate relevant material from scientific journals and place it into databases that help scientists find the information they need.


Our copyediting and typesetting quality is recognized globally, as majority of our staff is LaTeX experts in code and content. Most of journal articles and books that we work with, are written with LaTeX in the fields of mathematics, physics, and computer science.

Our main production tool is LaTeX. Using this document preparation system and markup language, we structure and enrich an original manuscript, and generate all required deliverables from a single source.

A number of DTDs are supported by the standard production workflow at VTeX and virtually any other DTD can be implemented on request. With our converters, the XML format can be transformed into HTML or E-PUB. All required deliverables: online content, print and web PDFs, EPUBs, XML+MathML, HTML, etc. are generated out of one enriched source: LaTeX.

Our electronic data managers prepare all graphic material according to publisher requirements. We can redraw, reletter, and if necessary, relabel text maintaining consistency.

All our language editors are native speakers and are specialists in scientific, technical, or medical fields. Language editing is made directly to a LaTeX file. We have experience with manuscripts that are written in many languages.

At Duke University Press, we have entrusted VTeX with the typesetting of our mathematics journals for several years, and we have been very pleased with the high quality of their work and with their expertise in both LaTeX-based composition and the conventions of mathematics publishing. As a responsive and proactive partner, VTeX has been instrumental in helping us achieve our editing and production goals for our mathematics journals.

Raymond Lambert, Sr. Managing Editor, STM Journals, Duke University Press

Overall, of course, we are very happy with VTEX's level of service, style of communication, and the pro-active approach to resolving issues that we have frequently experienced.

Anne Marie de Rover, Head of Book Department, IOS Press

Since 2001, we have used VTeX as the exclusive typesetter for our scholarly books and journals. They provide us with the highest quality typesetting and customer service. Their attention to detail is phenomenal. In addition, they created EJMS to streamline author submissions, and SkyLatex to improve the way authors supply corrections to their manuscripts. We could not be more pleased with the service they provide.

Patrick Kelly, Production Editor, Institute of Mathematical Statistics


SkyLaTeX is a web-based technology used in production that enhances the quality of typesetting and improves turnaround times. It allows authors to be involved in the production of academic books and journals. Corrections are typeset directly into the production file by the author, thus, minimizing the risk of mistakes while typesetting. SkyLaTeX also displays editor’s queries, to which the author can answer. This way, the author is able to see how the final PDF will look after the final corrections.

More than 20,000 authors have already used the SkyLaTeX proofing service, and 99% of them are completely satisfied with the service and rate SkyLaTeX as an important and necessary service.

SkyLaTeX can also be applied for books written in LaTeX. It works for monographs (book-wise proofing) as well as for multiple author books (chapter-wise proofing). While working with books, the use of SkyLaTeX is wider – “new book editions” and “indexing books” services are also available.

There is no possibility of misinterpretation of corrections.


I liked to see the final PDF after my final corrections.


This is the best system I have seen for page-proofs by far.


It worked wonderfully. Changes are quick, easy, and immediate. I found myself encouraged to be more complete and precise in the text this way than I used to be when commenting on the PDF.



PubliMill platform was launched in March 2018. It is designed for academic journals in all science fields, especially STM related. PubliMill delivers fast and easy controls and requires no extra knowledge or IT background in order to manage your journals. Metadata is presented thoroughly, though in a minimalistic manner, in order to deliver all important information about the paper instantly.

Full-text HTML articles are mobile friendly, thus allowing to read selected articles on the go or to share to any selected social platform. Not only does full-text HTML allows reading on multiple devices, but also it increases the number of search results in which the paper appears, which improves the dissemination and discoverability of research. Supplementary material can also be added to the article allowing to improve the comprehension of the paper.

Journal Modern Stochastics: Theory and Applications is already hosting articles on PubliMill platform. To see the functionality of PubliMill, press here

We host our journal in PubliMill for 6 months. We can see that the number of visitors increased and we started receiving more submissions.

Prof. Yuliya Mishura Co-editor-in-chief at VMSTA journal

You made it so simple. Our new journal website is easy to work with. I just open the page, upload the article and click save.

Prof. Kęstutis Kubilius, Co-editor-in-chief at VMSTA journal


VTeX offers a peer-review system which is called the Electronic Journal Management System (EJMS). Since 2006, EJMS is used by respected STM publishers. More than 30,000 articles have been submitted and processed using this peer-review service.

EJMS is offered to Editorial Boards in order to increase the efficiency of the peer-review process. Rich options of reporting and history keeping allow an increase in productivity, at the same time streamlining the entire peer-review process.

EJMS is an internet-based service that can be accessed from any computer on the Internet and works on multiple platforms. The system is user-friendly, and it is not necessary to appoint staff to support the Editor. Navigation within EJMS is intuitive and easy.

The Institute of Mathematical Statistics has partnered with VTeX for over 15 years on several services for our journals including the Electronic Journal Management System (EJMS) and typesetting. EJMS is the backbone for all 15 journals that IMS manages. Our editors find it user-friendly and helpful in managing their workloads. VTeX's service throughout the years has been responsive and extremely effective. We cannot recommend them highly enough.

Elyse Gustafson, Executive Director, Institute of Mathematical Statistics

We use Electronic Journal Management System for 4 years. EJMS is useful and easy to work with. The system is very flexible since VTeX adjusted functionality which was requested by us.

Kęstutis Kubilius, Co-Editor-In-Chief, Modern Stochastics: Theory and Applications Journal


VTeX digitizes academic journals and books. The material can be provided in any subject written in English or other languages, because our technology can detect accented letters and special characters. Printed materials are typically disbound for scanning, but in order to preserve precious copies, scanning can be performed without disbounding.

We offer PDF, PDF/A, “searchable” PDF (digitization with OCR), XML, TIFF, multi-page TIFF, and MS Word formats as outputs. PDF can be enriched with bookmarks, internal links to bibliographical items, sections, figures, tables, theorems, lemmas, etc.

On request, any DTD can be chosen for XML output. We offer article head XML (title, authors, addresses, abstract, keywords, etc.) or article head & tail XML (title, authors, addresses, abstract, keywords, etc. and bibliography).

VTeX has digitized over 95,000 pages of scientific content.


TeXperts at VTeX prepare user-oriented LaTeX document templates and style packages for academic journals and books. The style packages can include class or style files implementing the publisher requirements for printed or web pages, LaTeX document templates and BibTex styles with the user documentation. LaTeX document templates are provided in the form of self-documenting sample documents demonstrating the main document structure (frontmatter and sections) and various other document structures (tables, equations, pictures, etc.). These professionally prepared templates are easy to use by authors and helpful in computer-aided document management.

If you need user-friendly LaTeX template for journal or book, please contact us. We will prepare a professional LaTeX template together with style packages. If necessary, we can recommend and discuss general rules for the creation of a user template that will match your specific needs.

VTeX has already prepared style packages and templates for 27 academic journals for 6 customers.

First and foremost, we would like to thank our new colleagues at VTeX for the wonderful typesetting. The team was especially patient with us as we tweaked several versions of the new layout. Nuances in typesetting are often recognized only in the subconscious mind, but we expect everyone will find something to appreciate in our new look.

Editorial Board, Intégral Journal


VTeX offers a service to help authors prepare a high-quality bibliography that fully complies with the requirements of the publisher. The service can be incorporated in the workflow before the submission of a LaTeX manuscript or in some later step, but before the author reads and corrects the proofs.

It consists in taking bibliography records from the uploaded LaTeX file, searching web databases for the respective correct references and formatting the bibliography in the publisher’s style.

The author can receive, together the modified LaTeX file, a separate file with its bibliography in BibTeX format. Missing or incorrect fields are indicated in the special note fields within BibTeX records. Authors may use these BibTeX files with correct records in preparing their subsequent LaTeX manuscripts.

Linkserver is a proxy service, which enables the reader to reach the cited article by two simple clicks. In the production stage, an active link is added for every article in the reference list. By clicking this link, reader can access cited article in chosen databases. This link is active on PDF and XML. Information is constantly updated.


VTeX offers excerption and annotation services for scientific publishers, university presses, scientific and professional associations. We excerpt and annotate relevant material from scientific journals and place it into databases.

Excerption and annotation can be done in the article production stage, or after the article production stage. When the excerption and annotation process is combined together with article production, the process becomes faster and cheaper. Excerption and annotation can be made directly from LaTeX or other files.

We offer excerption and annotation services in the fields of chemistry, physics, and mathematics.

Specific databases help scientists and experts find the information they need. Researchers and professionals can locate the necessary information quickly.

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