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Highly-qualified professionals with profound knowledge in LaTeX
About VTeX

VTeX provides typesetting, copyediting and related services to STM publishing houses, university presses and academic associations since 1991. We specialize in processing LaTeX materials with heavy mathematical content using SkyLaTeX technology. We have lots of experience producing LaTeX journal articles and books in the fields of mathematics, physics, computer sciences and other disciplines.


Our company constantly develops technologies that improve the processing of LaTeX materials. SkyLaTeX technology enhances the quality of typesetting service, increases authors’ satisfaction, and boosts the speed of production. SkyLaTeX is an innovative web-based LaTeX editor and compiling tool, used in the production of academic books or journals.


We also specialize in book indexing, bibliography structuring and LaTeX templates and styles preparation, digitization of archival academic journals and books. For smaller publishers, associations, and university presses, we offer a peer-review service, which is called the Electronic Journal Management System.


We are based in Lithuania. We are proud that all our services are done in Lithuania.

VTEX team

There are more than 180 employees at VTeX. Half of our employees have master’s degrees in fields of science, and 16 employees have PhDs in mathematics, physics and chemistry. Good working conditions have been established within our company, and that’s why most of our staff work at VTeX for more than 15 years.


The majority of our staff are LaTeX experts, who understand both – LaTeX code and the content of a book or an article. That’s how we get the best quality. Our philosophy is to do it right the first time.

Membership in associations
  • Since 2011, an associate member of the International Association of Scientific, Technical & Medical Publishers (STM)
  • Since 2014, a member of CrossRef
  • Participant in the ongoing establishment of the Santara Science & Industry Valley
  • One of the founders and an active member of the Visoriai Information Technology Park (VITP)
  • Member of the Infobalt Association.
Quality management
  • 2010: VTeX implemented project management procedures according to PMI standards
  • 2010–2011: VTeX successfully implemented an ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library), which aims to improve the internal IT management
  • 2012: Intertek Social Responsibility Audit
  • 2014: Reed Elsevier Good Partner award
  • 2014: Intertek Workplace Conditions Assessment Audit
  • 2015: Elsevier Excellence Award in Performance Consistency
  • 2016: Intertek Social Responsibility Audit
  • 2018: VTeX implemented integrated information management system according to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and ISO 27001 (InfoSec), ISO 22301 (Business Continuity) and ISO 27031 (Disaster Recovery) standards requirements.
Our mission and vision

Our Mission


  • To provide the highest quality services for science publishers and disseminators of scientific knowledge
  • To spread innovations for the scientific community in the field of publishing
  • To provide technical assistance and tools for searching, collecting and disseminating of scientific knowledge
  • To create an environment where employees feel safe and satisfied, and to encourage employees to upgrade their proficiency and improve their professional skills
  • To contribute to the development of the information society.


Our Vision


To become one of the major service providers in the international mathematics, physics and computer science publishing market by expanding the range of innovative products and services and by ensuring the highest quality.

Social responsibility

In all areas of business, we apply high ethical, legal and professional standards. Good working conditions have been established within our company, and employees are willing to join our team.


Social responsibility is part of the VTeX management philosophy: the social, environmental and economic impact of the company is managed responsibly. VTeX contributes to society’s development through the sponsorship of education, sports and the social sphere.

Top management


Dr. Rimas Maliukevičius


Chief Production Officer

Henrikas Stankus


Chief Information Officer

Marius Grinevičius


Chief Partner Relations Officer

Dr. Mirek Sheibak


Project Portfolio Manager

Dr. Tomas Martišius