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PubliMill is an open access publishing platform, created for academic societies, university presses, small and medium publishers. Designed for scientific journals in all science fields, PubliMill platform provides a new digital look, enriches the content, increases journal discoverability, and doesn’t require IT knowledge to manage. Depending on business objectives, the PubliMill platform is fully customizable and adaptable to every publisher’s workflow requirements and powers growth without requiring additional staff. Increase your audience and citations by more discoverable content with PubliMill!

We host our journal in PubliMill for 6 months. We can see that the number of visitors increased and we started receiving more submissions.

You made it so simple. Our new journal website is easy to work with. I just open the page, upload the article, and click save.

How does PubliMill benefit publishing houses?

A time-saving platform that doesn’t require IT knowledge

Mobile friendly & responsive design

Machine-readable content & increased discoverability

VTeX – Your partner in science publishing

The foundation of the VTeX management philosophy is based on the social responsibility value. Our vision is to be among leading service providers in STM publishing fields with the highest service quality assurance.

At VTeX, we are aware of the problems that editors are facing and we are here to assist. We help to spread innovation in the field of publishing over the scientific community as well as provide technical assistance and tools for disseminating scientific knowledge. If you want to transfer the existing journal to PubliMill, or set-up a new journal on PubliMill platform, request a live demo or contact us directly and we will help bring the publishing future to the present.


In what formats articles can be published on PubliMill?

We are glad to inform you that articles can be published in the full-text HTML or PDF formats. If you have any questions regarding the PubliMill publishing platform, please contact us and we will be happy to assist.

How to upload a journal archive to PubliMill?

Our team of experts will help you to move all of your archives. Simultaneously, they will help you to prepare your material in a suitable format. Moreover, we offer a digitization service for printed articles within your archive.

How to find out if PubliMill is right for my journals?

The best way is to let your team try a demo version of PubliMill. Please contact us and we will provide links to PubliMill demo.

Can I try PubliMill?

If you are interested in trying out PubliMill, don’t hesitate and contact us - we will be happy to organize a demo version preview.

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