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08 APR

There is a number of logistic, editorial, and technical aspects that must be taken into consideration when running an academic journal and intending to ensure its long-term sustainability.

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24 FEB

The internet-centric nature of society has been the norm for some time now. This way of living has become the foundation of our daily lives and has deeply impacted the way businesses and professional activities are run, with academic publishing being no exception.

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08 JAN

It’s no surprise that staying up to date with the latest technologies and trends can give publishers an upper hand in their academic field. With new trends and publishing practices coming into play, each journal needs to ensure that their readers’ and authors’ needs are met.

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15 DEC

The modern-day scholarly publishing process involves the utilization of diverse online publishing tools and methods. The choice of the most efficient publishing tools depends directly upon the publisher’s goals.

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11 SEP

While it’s highly beneficial for publishers to have their publications accessible and discoverable on the internet and academic search databases such as Google, Google Scholar, Scopus, and the likes, sometimes it requires additional effort if you want to increase the reach of your academic content.

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08 JUL

The Journal publishing process involves a series of steps and each of them comes with their own challenges which can require some time, effort, and money.

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