The ongoing project “New services development based on R&D”


Posted February 12, 2019

VTeX is implementing the project “New services development based on R&D”. This project aims to offer new services to academic publishers. The Project budget is 653,684.29 Eur and The Project receives 283,936.99 Eur funding from the European Regional Development Fund under the measure “Intellect. Science and business projects”. Funding for project Nr. J05-LVPA-K-03-0016 is mostly used for R&D activities.

This project offers a new way of obtaining PDF and XML from LaTeX. These two formats are the main deliverables of our production service. The main VTeX services look like transitions
1. LaTeX → PDF,
2. LaTeX → XML,
3. LaTeX → LaTeX, with some work done inside LaTeX files.

The project team will develop three new technologies, corresponding to these transitions:
1. Production of tagged PDF from LaTeX: LaTeX → tagged PDF, where tagging will fulfill requirements of PDF/UA (accessible PDF) in case LaTeX was sufficiently structured.
2. Production of XML from tagged PDF: tagged PDF → XML, where XML will satisfy publisher’s requirements in case PDF was sufficiently well tagged.
Automated structuring of LaTeX: LaTeX → PDF → LaTeX, done on a base of visual PDF analysis, for adding missing structure to LaTeX.

As a result of the project we will offer two additional services to academic publishers:
1. The new service LaTeX → tagged PDF (accessible PDF).
2. The renovated service LaTeX → XML, in which we connect transitions LaTeX → tagged PDF → XML.

VTeX invests a lot in IT and publication-related technology research, and we are always getting ready for changes and new trends in publishing and overall information technologies. We believe that new technologies will reduce the costs of our services and we will be able to offer services of the highest quality to our customers.

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