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25 MAR

VTeX is implementing the project “VTeX export development by participating in exhibitions”. The project (03.2.1-LVPA-K-801-05-0113) is supported by the European Regional Development Fund under the measure “New Opportunities” which promotes the development of Lithuanian businesses in foreign markets. Funding is used for the exhibition space, marketing material preparation and accommodation costs.

Our main goal is to find new customers and partners. In 2019 we participated in the Joint Statistical Meetings and the Frankfurt Book Fair. There VTeX team gained new valuable connections, successfully presented main LaTeX related services to academic publishers. In July and October 20č0, we will again participate in the Joint Statistical Meetings and Frankfurt Book Fair. We will present new SkyLaTeX functionality, our hosting platform PubliMill, automated book indexing tool called AKIS, and new LaTeX-based publishing solutions.

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04 SEP

Every author’s desire is to produce great written content. Proofreading, also known as the last stage of editing, is an essential part of the writing process and is the secret key to quality publishing and readers experience improvement. Find our proofreading checklist and professional strategical tips for effective revising of one’s writing below!


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02 JUL

Have you ever caught yourself wandering through hundreds of scholarly articles, feeling completely lost in the enormous pool of content that is simply humanly impossible to read through? A constant struggle to go through all the materials that seem suitable is the major problem of many researchers, even at this level of technological advancement.

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20 MAY

What is the most effective way to do a peer review? What’re the good and bad examples of refereeing? What’re the most common mistakes that peers do while reviewing the scholarly articles? How to tell if an article is peer-reviewed?

A peer-reviewed publication is a highly valued paper in the scientific community and most presses require it before articles or books are published. In this article, we will provide valuable tips on how to tell if an article is peer review and provide 5 key points of the peer review process!


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26 APR

The book index has never been called the easy part of editing – we can’t add anything but approve this statement. The process of book indexing requires patience, attentiveness to details and mental focus, which is not always easy to maintain. As a tedious book indexing process as it can be, it is also the secret sauce for increasing the author’s engagement with the audience and secret key when trying to double book readership.

Let’s find out why!

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12 DEC

Good news, everyone! Our journal Modern Stochastics: Theory and Applications was accepted for indexing in Scopus. The journal is freely accessible on our publishing platform PubliMill: MSTA




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18 FEB

VTeX participated in one of the biggest book fairs around the world for the 6th time. Frankfurt Book Fair is well known for its size and the number of publishing companies represented and is considered to be the most important book fair in the world for international deals and trading.

For five days we had a chance to network, talk, make decisions, get inspired and join together with publishing experts, writers and cultural enthusiasts from all over the world. Among that, we met with our existing and prospect clients, discussed new solutions and services that our company has developed.

Each year the Frankfurt Book Fair is growing, reaching 285 024 visitors in 2018 with 4 000 events and 7 503 exhibitors from 109 countries.

We will be participating in this ever-growing book fair in 2019. See you at STM hall together with famous STM publishers next year!

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12 DEC

We are happy to announce, that VTeX is implementing a new project that aims to offer new services to academic publishers.

The project “New services development based on R&D” aims to offer new services to academic publishers. The Project receives support from European Regional Development Fund under the measure “Intellect. Science and business projects”.

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18 MAR

VTeX participated in the 12th International Vilnius Conference on Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics and IMS Annual meeting. As mathematicians we enjoyed being in this conference, meeting with partners, colleagues, and friends.

VTeX was the main sponsor of the conference and we enjoyed the opportunity to present the publishing platform PubliMill. PubliMill is designed for academic societies, university presses, small and medium publishers who publish OA journals. Articles can be published in both the HTML and PDF formats. Articles in the HTML format gain a larger audience because the text in an article becomes searchable and more readers discover the published content.

We demonstrated PubliMill functionalities to conference participants – scientists, authors, and editors. We were able to show a beautiful appearance of articles in the HTML format. Many participants agreed that if an article is prepared properly, then it is a pleasure to read it in the HTML format.

We received very positive feedback on the beautiful display of mathematical formulas. After all, mathematics must be beautiful. Most participants were impressed by the possibility to copy the LaTeX code of formulas. The functionality that allows to easily copy (the code of) formulas and tables save the time of authors and readers who want to save or cite information provided in the article.

Technologies used in publishing should add value to published materials. PubliMill helps academicians to disseminate scientific knowledge through searchable content. Mobile-friendly websites create a positive reading experience for readers who use their tablets and mobile devices in browsing for information.

The demonstration of PubliMill to conference participants confirmed that our product has the potential to be of great value to publishers, authors, and readers. We got some ideas about how we could improve the functionalities of PubliMill, and we are tending to implement them soon. We are grateful to participants who shared their ideas with us.

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12 FEB

VTeX is implementing the project “New services development based on R&D”. This project aims to offer new services to academic publishers. The Project receives support from the European Regional Development Fund under the measure “Intellect. Science and business projects”. Funding for project Nr. J05-LVPA-K-03-0016 is mostly used for R&D activities.

This project offers a new way of obtaining PDF and XML from LaTeX. These two formats are the main deliverables of our production service. The main VTeX services look like transitions
1. LaTeX → PDF,
2. LaTeX → XML,
3. LaTeX → LaTeX, with some work done inside LaTeX files.

The project team will develop three new technologies, corresponding to these transitions:
1. Production of tagged PDF from LaTeX: LaTeX → tagged PDF, where tagging will fulfill requirements of PDF/UA (accessible PDF) in case LaTeX was sufficiently structured.
2. Production of XML from tagged PDF: tagged PDF → XML, where XML will satisfy publisher’s requirements in case PDF was sufficiently well tagged.
Automated structuring of LaTeX: LaTeX → PDF → LaTeX, done on a base of visual PDF analysis, for adding missing structure to LaTeX.

As a result of the project we will offer two additional services to academic publishers:
1. The new service LaTeX → tagged PDF (accessible PDF).
2. The renovated service LaTeX → XML, in which we connect transitions LaTeX → tagged PDF → XML.

VTeX invests a lot in IT and publication-related technology research, and we are always getting ready for changes and new trends in publishing and overall information technologies. We believe that new technologies will reduce the costs of our services and we will be able to offer services of the highest quality to our customers.

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18 FEB

VTeX is implementing the project “VTeX export development by participating in exhibitions”. The project (03.2.1-LVPA-K-801-02-0289) is supported by the European Regional Development Fund under the measure “New Opportunities” which promotes the development of Lithuanian businesses in foreign markets. Funding is used for the exhibition space, marketing material preparation and accommodation costs.

Our main goal is to find new customers and partners. In 2016 we participated in the 7th European Congress of Mathematics and the Frankfurt Book Fair. There VTeX team gained new valuable connections, successfully presented main LaTeX related services to academic publishers. In October 2017, we will participate in the Frankfurt Book Fair. We will present new SkyLaTeX functionality and new LaTeX-based publishing solutions.

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18 FEB

VTeX has developed the new Rich Text feature to SkyLaTeX. With this new functionality, SkyLaTeX can be easily used by authors or language editors who are not familiar with LaTeX. Math formulas are rendered with MathJaX when viewed but edited as LaTeX code. Text edits are possible in a Rich Text format. The Image below illustrates a standard LaTeX code view in SkyLaTeX editor and LaTeX in a Rich Text mode.

The new feature can be applied to two existing services: proofing and language editing.


As for SkyLaTeX proofing, there are benefits for both LaTeX and MS Word writing authors. For LaTeX writing authors Rich Text feature helps to see the structure of a LaTeX file, especially for display formulas. Also, when correcting a formula in Rich Text, MathJaX immediately shows the result of the corrected formula without a complete file re-compilation. It saves a lot of time for the authors.

For MS Word writing authors, it helps to understand LaTeX coding better and eliminates barriers to use LaTeX. Until now about 25% of MS Word writing authors return corrections via SkyLaTeX and with Rich Text functionality this rate is growing.

Language editing

With the new SkyLaTeX functionality, direct LaTeX file language editing can be easily done by the external editors who are not familiar with LaTeX. With SkyLaTeX there is no need to install any desktop application, and it is not necessary to update LaTeX styles, versions, etc. All edits made by a language editor are easily shown in LaTeX and PDF diffs.

œRich Text is a way to present LaTeX code in a more user-friendly output, where equations and some other commands are shown in “what you see is what you get” method instead of LaTeX code. This new functionality of SkyLaTeX will be beneficial to all publishers who want to improve either proofing or language editing processes.

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18 FEB

From April 29th until May 3rd representatives from VTeX company participated in TeX users’ group annual meeting at BachoTeX conference. These events are a perfect place to share the latest information about innovative ideas regarding TeX. Most of the participants of the conference are LaTeX experts and many of them work with solutions that can be applied to the publishing industry.

This year there were two presentations given by VTeX employees. Both presentations drew the audience’s attention and raised interesting discussions afterward. The first presentation was about authors’ habits using TeX for writing the scientific content. As it might not be well known, typesetters always balance on the thin line between indefinite authors’ creativity and strict publishers’ requirements to produce full-text XML. TeX is designed to offer wide capabilities to achieve the desired goals in many ways.

There is a huge collection of TeX packages, created over the years.  We presented statistics about which TeX packages are commonly used for preparing the scientific content and what part of them comes from the standard sources. We gave insights on authors’ habits using TeX, provided some interesting examples and discussed how and why these habits are important for typesetters while preparing manuscripts for publishing.

The second presentation was about extensions to the dvips program. One extension allows flexible inclusion of bitmap images and was implemented on the base of FreeImage library.  Another extension solves a quite long-standing task – adds OpenType font support to dvips. These LaTeX packages will soon be placed as Open source, freely available to all TeX users.

We were happy being able to share our thoughts with the TeX community and we received valuable comments from experts towards our achievements. This year it was the 10th time we have participated at BachoTeX conference and we are sure we will come back to further BachoTeX conferences. We also will keep on participating at TeX users’ group annual meetings.

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18 FEB

In March 2017 VTeX team visited the London Book Fair. We enjoyed meetings with our partners and friends in this welcoming environment. We are always willing to have discussions about the publishing process and to discover areas that can be improved. We believe that being in a close relationship with our customers let us offer innovative solutions regarding LaTeX written material.

Having had many discussions with scientific publishers at the London Book Fair last year, we became sure that there is a big need for production improvement of new edition books. It is common that before the first-edition book is published, the production process is made. During the production process, the original author’s files are modified, and usually, an author does not get the changed files. We agreed with publishers that it should be great if an author could make changes needed for the new edition directly into production files of the previous edition.

We have worked hard and improved our SkyLaTeX. Now we can upload the book production files to our SkyLaTeX cloud environment and give the link to the author. The author then can insert new edition changes directly to the LaTeX files online. From our experience, authors are happy with this functionality. Publishers also appreciate this process because production becomes faster and cheaper.

To sum up, we have achieved a great result – with the new SkyLaTeX functionality production process for new edition books written with LaTeX is more efficient and faster! And we are happy that this year we were able to share our results at the London Book Fair.

For more information about SkyLaTeX press here.

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18 FEB

This year we have had an opportunity to organize a workshop at the Open Reading s Conference – the 60th International Conference for Students of Physics and Natural Sciences. Every year the conference attracts many PhD students from Europe, Asia, and the USA.

March 16th, 2017, VTeX organized the workshop “What’s hot in science publishing: the scientists’ approach”. Since many of our services are used by authors, it is extremely important to understand young scientists. We are happy, that all the participants enjoyed the discussion, established new connections and gained a deeper understanding of a scientific publishing environment.

We encouraged the discussion about the search and systemization of the published science data. The Participants shared their experience about the influence of supervisors and colleagues, discussed how they search for information and where they store it. Another essential topic was about a manuscript preparation process. We asked participants which software they use and how their environment affect their choice. It became clear that colleagues and supervisors make a significant impact on information gathering and manuscript preparation process.

Since we provide a peer-review system, we were curious about what participants think about a peer-review process and how to improve it. We discussed the pros and cons for the single-blind, double-blind, post-publication and open peer-review processes. We all agreed, that the peer-review process makes a great contribution to science publishing, but there is a room for improvement.

Differences among journals with higher or lower acceptance ratio were also discussed. And finally, we discussed the Open Access publishing model. As it was expected, this question raised the biggest discussion, all the participants had their opinion towards this question. And even after many arguments expressed, we did not conclude, which model is better.

Overall, we are very happy with this workshop. We believe that during the discussion a lot of good practices were shared, students got new insights and ideas on how to be more efficient and achieve results faster. We will organize more workshops and encourage scientists to share the best practices among each other.

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18 FEB

VTeX participated at the Conference “Academic Publishing in Europe” in January 2017. We enjoyed this international event, because it is a perfect place to debate about the future of scholarly communication and scientific publishing.

This very open atmosphere in the Academy of Sciences at the famous Gendarmenmarkt in Berlin Mitte inspired us to actively share ideas with our partners, colleagues and friends. We gained lots of important insights from the lectures presented during two amazing days. We enjoyed workshop session during pre-conference day as well.

Our team came back inspired, full of new ideas, and, of course, with new valuable connections. By the way, our business development director Mirek participated at all APE conferences since the first APE conference at 2006. He did not miss any of APE conferences!

More information about APE conference can be found here.

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18 FEB

VTeX participated at the Frankfurt Book Fair – one of the most respected book fairs in the world. We were located at the STM hall together with famous STM publishers.

During these 5 days, we met many publishers. We discussed about production solutions that can be applied to LaTeX written material. We demonstrated the SkyLaTeX service and we are happy that all who saw our demo were impressed. We all agreed that SkyLaTeX is a great solution for publishers that get manuscripts written in LaTeX.

During the last two days, we met with authors that use LaTeX while preparing their manuscripts. A big part of them were mathematicians or physicists, but there were scientists representing other disciplines, such as psychology or economics. We had very interesting conversations about the publishing process from the author’s point of view.

To sum up, Frankfurt Book Fair is a great place to meet new contacts, get feedback about our services and to have fun!

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