VTeX at 12th International Vilnius Conference on Probability Theory


Posted March 18, 2019

VTeX participated in the 12th International Vilnius Conference on Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics and IMS Annual meeting. As mathematicians we enjoyed being in this conference, meeting with partners, colleagues, and friends.

VTeX was the main sponsor of the conference and we enjoyed the opportunity to present the publishing platform PubliMill. PubliMill is designed for academic societies, university presses, small and medium publishers who publish OA journals. Articles can be published in both the HTML and PDF formats. Articles in the HTML format gain a larger audience because the text in an article becomes searchable and more readers discover the published content.

We demonstrated PubliMill functionalities to conference participants – scientists, authors, and editors. We were able to show a beautiful appearance of articles in the HTML format. Many participants agreed that if an article is prepared properly, then it is a pleasure to read it in the HTML format.

We received very positive feedback on the beautiful display of mathematical formulas. After all, mathematics must be beautiful. Most participants were impressed by the possibility to copy the LaTeX code of formulas. The functionality that allows us to easily copy (the code of) formulas and tables save the time of authors and readers who want to save or cite information provided in the article.

Technologies used in publishing should add value to published materials. PubliMill helps academicians to disseminate scientific knowledge through searchable content. Mobile-friendly websites create a positive reading experience for readers who use their tablets and mobile devices in browsing for information.

The demonstration of PubliMill to conference participants confirmed that our product has the potential to be of great value to publishers, authors, and readers. We got some ideas about how we could improve the functionalities of PubliMill, and we are tending to implement them soon. We are grateful to participants who shared their ideas with us.

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