VTeX at Frankfurt Book Fair 2016


Posted February 18, 2019

VTeX participated at the Frankfurt Book Fair – one of the most respected book fairs in the world. We were located at the STM hall together with famous STM publishers.

During these 5 days, we met many publishers. We discussed production solutions that can be applied to LaTeX’s written material. We demonstrated the SkyLaTeX service and we are happy that all who saw our demo were impressed. We all agreed that SkyLaTeX is a great solution for publishers that get manuscripts written in LaTeX.

During the last two days, we met with authors that use LaTeX while preparing their manuscripts. A big part of them were mathematicians or physicists, but there were scientists representing other disciplines, such as psychology or economics. We had very interesting conversations about the publishing process from the author’s point of view.

To sum up, the Frankfurt Book Fair is a great place to meet new contacts, get feedback about our services and to have fun!

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