VTeX at London Book Fair 2017


Posted February 18, 2019

In March 2017 VTeX team visited the London Book Fair. We enjoyed meetings with our partners and friends in this welcoming environment. We are always willing to have discussions about the publishing process and to discover areas that can be improved. We believe that being in a close relationship with our customers lets us offer innovative solutions regarding LaTeX written material.

Having had many discussions with scientific publishers at the London Book Fair last year, we became sure that there is a big need for production improvement of new edition books. It is common that before the first-edition book is published, the production process is made. During the production process, the original author’s files are modified, and usually, an author does not get the changed files. We agreed with publishers that it should be great if an author could make changes needed for the new edition directly into production files of the previous edition.

We have worked hard and improved our SkyLaTeX. Now we can upload the book production files to our SkyLaTeX cloud environment and give the link to the author. The author then can insert new edition changes directly to the LaTeX files online. From our experience, the authors are happy with this functionality. Publishers also appreciate this process because production becomes faster and cheaper.

To sum up, we have achieved a great result – with the new SkyLaTeX functionality production process for new edition books written with LaTeX is more efficient and faster! And we are happy that this year we were able to share our results at the London Book Fair.

For more information about SkyLaTeX press here.

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