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Accompany printed publications to digital copies with VTeX

Scientific content discoverability and searchability depend on its existence online. If previously published print materials are not transformed into digital copies, it leaves a high chance for content to never be detected online. Fortunately, document digitization comes as an effective alternative for enabling older print materials to be discovered online.

Meet VTeX – STM publication professionals, who digitize previously published hard copies. Thus, publishers make this valuable material easily findable and accessible online from the journal’s webpage.

VTeX digitizes over 20,000 pages of scientific content every year. Due to the advanced technology of detecting accented letters and special characters, digital scanning is possible in any language. In order to preserve original copies, scanning can be performed without disbanding. As an output, a scanned copy can be delivered in various formats: PDF, PDF/A, XML, TIFF, multi-page TIFF, and MS Word. Hence, let your academic content be discovered online by many more professionals.

Why worth choosing document digitization services?

Increase content accessibility and brand awareness

Digitization of previously published printed material increases not only the Journal’s discoverability and accessibility but also boosts chances to be quoted more often by researchers, thus, developing an authoritative Journal brand awareness.

Boost your audience traffic

Increased content online discoverability is the best way to increase your audience. Digitized journal content provides full information at a distance of a few clicks for your readers.
Build efficient brand awareness through.

Preserve valuable scientific data in accessible formats

While the printed publications are being kept in the libraries, access is very limited by location. Effective and long-lasting access is achieved by computer-supported accessibility not limited by location or time. We cannot know the future publication formats, but we can preserve the published materials in an easily transformable format (XML) or at least in properly tagged formats (PDF/A, PDF/UA) suitable for computer-assisted information consuming and analysis.


VTeX – Your partner in science publishing

At VTeX, we care for your academic publishing experience. Our vision is to become leading service providers in STM publishing fields with the highest service quality assurance. The foundation of the VTeX management philosophy is based on the social responsibility value. We help to spread innovation in the field of publishing over the scientific community as well as provide technical assistance and tools for disseminating scientific knowledge.

If you are interested in digitizing your old printed materials, contact us directly and we will help bring the publishing future to the present.


How to order our services?

We get the query Together we specify the needed services We offer the prices Together we test the workflow Together we start a successful partnership


For which documents does VTeX offer digitization services?

At VTeX, we are digitizing scientific articles and books. If you are interested in digitizing your hard copy, contact us and we will provide you with the necessary information.

What kind of content topics does VTeX digitize?

We are happy to answer that all of the content topics are available for scanning. If you are interested in digitizing your hard copy, contact us and we will provide you with the necessary information.

In which formats scanned copy is available?

We are pleased to inform you, that digitized material is available in many formats: PDF, PDF/A, XML, TIFF, multi-page TIFF, MS Word, etc. If you are interested in digitizing your hard copy, contact us and we will provide you with the necessary information.

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